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Domestic Violence

Rogol Isteri, 22 Ogos 2004 (Malay version only)
Sisters In Islam amat menyokong saranan SUHAKAM untuk memansuhkan pengecualian yang terdapat di dalam Kanun Keseksaan yang membenarkan suami untuk merogol isterinya.

The Domestic Violence Act and Conflict of Jurisdiction, 18 May 1996
In reference to the letter from Dr Rahmah Hashim, the Head of the Women's Affairs Bureau of the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (NST, 11 May 1996), we would like to make the following statement: The current opposition to the Domestic Violence Act 1994 (DVA) seems to be centred over the question of a conflict of jurisdiction between Syariah and Civil courts...

Domestic Violence is a Crime, 18 March 1996
The statement made by Dr Abdul Hamid Othman, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (10 March 1996), on the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) is most disturbing. We do not agree that there should be a separate domestic violence act ...


Don't Enforce Dress Code on Women Undergrads, 11 November 2005
Sisters in Islam is concerned about conflicting reports regarding the imposition of tudung upon Malaysian undergraduates....

Tudung, Headscarf is a Personal Choice, 10 November 2005
Sisters In Islam lauds the cabinet consensus that the wearing of the tudung should not be made compulsory for students in universities and higher learning institutions in the country.

What’s With the Hijab? 12 February 2004
The West obsession with the hijab as a symbol of oppression and the Muslim obsession with the hijab as a symbol of piety are both misguided and misplaced...

Dress and Modesty in Islam, 8 August 1997
The recent controversy surrounding the arrest and prosecution of the three Muslim contestants of the Miss Malaysia Petite beauty pageant, has now led the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Dr Hamid Othman, to call for a meeting of all heads of state religious departments this month to streamline guidelines and mode of enforcement on indecent dressing and behaviour among Muslims.

Dress and the Muslim Woman, 11 November 1991
The question of dress for women is always paramount in any Islamisation programme both here and abroad. In fact, it is an obsession for some that dressing in a certain way is reflective of one's faith...

Feminist Discourse

SIS: Feminisme Islam Warisan Sunnah Rasulullah, Utusan Malaysia, 23 Julai 2003 (Malay version only)
SISTERS in Islam (SIS) ingin mengucapkan syabas kepada akhbar Utusan Malaysia kerana menyiarkan rencana tulisan Mohd. Shauki Abdul Majid di dalam ruangan Wacana Islam pada 18 Julai, 2003, yang memberi gambaran menyeluruh mengenai pergerakan feminisme Islam...

Freedom of Expression

Promote Peaceful, Rational Dialogues for Better Unity, 17 August 2006
Sisters in Islam regrets that the organisers of the Fifth International Malaysian Studies Conference held at UPM recently felt pressured to cancel the panel on ‘Religion, Interfaith and National Unity’. We share Malaysian Social Science Association (PSSM) president Prof Datuk Abdul Rahman Embong’s valid concern that certain developments of late are taking a toll on academic freedom...

NO to JAKIM Attempt to Silence Writers, 19 April 2002
NSisters in Islam shocked by a newspaper report (The Star, 19 April 2002) that Religious Affairs Department (JAKIM) is planning to ban Muslim with no "in-depth knowledge in Islam"...

Differences of Opinion in Islam, 25 February 2002
In the past few weeks, it has become apparent there are groups determined to silence differences of opinion in Islam. This is a matter of grave concern to Malaysians as a whole. At a time when Islam is increasingly shaping and redefining Malaysian life and society, law and public policy, this effort to exclude critical...

Freedom of Religion

Do Not Legislate on Faith, 29 September 2000
Should Malaysia have a law to punish Muslims who leave the religion? The Hudud Enactment in Kelantan already prescribes the death penalty for apostasy...

Islam, Apostasy and PAS, 22 July 1999
Sisters in Islam views with concern the continuing attempt by the PAS Member of Parliament Tuan Haji Abdul Hadi Awang to move a private member's bill in Parliament to impose the death sentence for apostasy.


Hudud in Terengganu, 28 October 2003
Sisters In Islam (SIS) deeply regrets the Terengganu state Government’s decision to gazette the Syariah Criminal Law (Hudud and Qisas) Enactment 2003 yesterday despite the fact that it is unconstitutional...

Hudud in Terengganu - A Law to Protect Rapists, 9 May 2002
The Hudud Bill drafted by the Terengganu state government constitutes a gross violation of the principles of justice...

Islamic Family Law

SIS menyambut baik Ucapan PM mengenai Gagasan Ke Sepuluh, 21hb November 2006
Kami di Sisters In Islam mengalu-alukan Gagasan Kesepuluh yang disampaikan oleh Presiden UMNO dalam Ucapan Dasarnya di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2006 baru-baru ini...

SMS Divorce Does Not Conform to the Qur'anic Principle of Ihsan (Kindness), 29 July 2003
Sisters in Islam is concerned over the recent Syariah Court ruling upholding the validity of divorce through SMS, and its possible serious implications and consequences upon marriage relationships..

Dependants Should Be Made EPF Beneficiaries, 9 September 2002
Sisters in Islam (SIS) agrees with Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz that it the EPF rules should be changed to eliminate the problems of wives not receiving a single cent from the husband's EPF funds in cases where they had not been named as nominees (The Star, September 9, 2002). However, SIS is very worried

Letter to Utusan Malaysia: Impak Negatif Akibat dari Lelaki Kolot Punca Wanita Tidak Kahwin, 8 Julai 2003 (Malay version only)
Sisters in Islam (SIS) ingin merujuk kepada artikel yang diterbitkan di dalam Utusan pada Jumaat, 4 Julai 2003, bertajuk "Lelaki kolot punca wanita tidak kahwin..."

Ideal State of Marriage in Islam, 20 October 1996
The recent regulations introduced by the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) to assist Muslim men to expedite their application for polygamy without the need to obtain consent from their existing wife or wives are a cause for concern...

Deception and Dishonesty in the Practice of Polygamy, 9 August 2005
The issue of polygamy currently receiving media prominence from two separate cases surfaces the multiple problems present within its practice in Malaysia....

Tighten Procedure for Polygamy , 5 May 2003
Sisters in Islam welcomes the decision of the Selangor State government to tighten the procedure for polygamous marriages to ensure that justice is done...

Misunderstanding the Prophet's Sunnah on Polygamy, 18 January 2002
Not surprisingly, in the recent debate on the suggestion to re-legalize polygamy for non-Muslims, most women's groups and progressive minded men have reacted with ...

Islam and Polygamy, 20 August 1990
Sisters in Islam welcome the decision of the Selangor Syariah Appeal Court Judgement in the case of Aishah Abd Rauf vs Wan Mohd Yusof Wan Othman. The judgement reflects the true spirit of the teachings of the Quran and true practice of polygamy...


Moral Policing Violates Qur'anic Spirit and Fundamental Rights, 1 February 2005
Sisters in Islam calls on the government to suspend the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactment until a comprehensive review is conducted on constitutional and Islamic grounds...

Stop Vigilante Action, 14 March 2003
The authorities and responsible citizens must take immediate steps to stop vigilante punitive action taken by overzealous individuals in the name of religion...

Over zealous Enforcement of Khalwat laws – Invasion of Personal Privacy, 7 January 2003
Sisters in Islam (SIS) is concerned with the possible over zealous enforcement of khalwat laws in this country, which might lead to the violation of personal dignity and privacy that is actually forbidden in the Qur’an and hadith. Respect for the personal privacy of individuals and the immunity of private dwellings against intrusion of any kinds is provided for in the Qur’an.

Women's Rights

Women and Work in Islam, 17 March 1999
Nine years after being the Menteri Besar of a state which prides itself in once being ruled by a woman and where its women are renowned for their independence, industry and entrepreneurship, we are disappointed that Datuk Nik Aziz’s views on women have yet to change

Islam and Women's Rights, 13 January 1991
The views recently voiced by the Menteri Besar of Kelantan, Haji Nik Aziz Nik Mat, concerning the position of women in Islam have prompted public debate, especially over their eligibility to serve as leaders of their society...

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