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SIS in the Media

New Straits Times , 17 February 2007
'Let men wear chastity belts, instead'

The Star , 17 February 2007
Shocked groups slam chastity belt for women proposal

Berita Harian, 9hb Febuari 2007
Sisters in Islam perjelas pandangan Dr. Norani

Berita Harian, 31hb Januari 2007
Kenyataan Sisters in Islam dipertikai

Rentakini, Malaysiakini.com, 10th January 2007
'Berbagi Suami' - a polygamous tale

Mingguan Malaysia, 7hb Januari 2007
77 peratus berpoligami kerana takut berzina

Mingguan Malaysia, 7hb Januari 2007
Bolehkah kita matang berbincang tentang poligami?

New Sunday Times, 7th January 2007
Making it harder to get second wife

Sunday Star, 7th January 2007
Mufti: Prioritise assets division

Sunday Star, 7th January 2007
From a woman’s perspective

The Star, 6 th January 2007
Polygamy is everywhere!

Utusan Malaysia, 29hb Disember 2006
Kelantan paling ramai poligami

The Star, 29th December 2006
SIS to do studies on polygamy

Berita Harian, 29hb Disember 2006
SIS kaji terperinci poligami
The Sun, 29th December 2006
How polygamy impacts on family
The Associated Press, 28th December 2006
Malaysian group to research polygamy's effects on Muslim families
The Sunday Star, 17th December 2006
State must refrain from moral policing, says SIS
Utusan Malaysia, 4hb Disember 2006
Sisters in Islam tidak membenci kaum Adam
Utusan Malaysia, 30hb November 2006
Beberapa soalan buat Sisters In Islam
Utusan Malaysia, 29hb November 2006
Sisters In Islam kesal dilempar pelbagai tuduhan
The Star, 28th November 2006
Don’t let mob rule prevail
Malaysiakini.com, 21st November 2006
Apostasy - the debate continues
Sydney Morning Herald, 21st November 2006
Muslim women flex muscles
Malaysiakini.com, 18th November 2006
SIS: We work for, not against, Islam
The Star, 18th November 2006
SIS upset with delegates’ claims
The Sun, 17th November 2006
KAF and SIS under fire
The Sun, 16th November 2006
Groups welcome Abdullah's speech
Malaysiakini.com, 14th November 2006
Perak mufti ticked off over SMS rumours
The Sun, 6th November 2006
SMS rumour
ABC, 31st October 2006
Malaysia at the Crossroads
Malaysiakini.com, 26th October 2006
Polygamy issue arouses passions in Malaysia
The Star, 28th May 2006
Speaking up for our women
The Sun, 7th May 2006
Far from equal
The Sun, 26th April 2006
'Sepet' and 'Gubra' draw controversy
The Star, 19th March 2006
SIS: Most problems in Islamic Family Law clarified
The Star, 19th March 2006
Daughters crusade for women
Malaysiakini.com, 15th March 2006
SIS: Re-look ‘discriminatory’ Islamic laws
International Herald Tribune: 16th February 2006
Letter from Malaysia: Malaysia's big sister shakes up Islam rule
Asiamedia, 16th January 2006
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