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“Every good act is charity; and verily it is a good act to meet your brother with an open countenance and to pour water from your own water-bag into his vessel”
- Prophet Muhammad

Join our community of givers if you believe in the importance to uphold equality, justice, freedom and dignity. As a non-profit organisation with tax-exempt status, Sisters in Islam (SIS) welcomes monetary donations towards the support of our activities:

Legal Clinic – SIS gives free legal advice to matters pertaining to Muslim personal laws such as Islamic Family Law and inheritance

Study Session – SIS organises a study session on contemporary issues of concern on such topics as Islam, HIV/AIDS and Women’s Rights.

Training Workshop – Throughout the year, SIS conducts training workshops on gender and women’s rights in Islam. Since 2002, SIS has trained grassroots women leaders, policymakers, NGO activists, journalists, human rights lawyers, chambering students, gender studies students, young political leaders and artists.

Public Lecture – SIS organises Public Lectures led by internationally renowned scholars of Islam to expose the Malaysian Public to the state of debate contending issues in the Muslim world.

Research – SIS works on various research projects including on polygamy, Islamic Family Law and Syariah Criminal Offenses Act.

Publications – To date, SIS has published more than 20 publications. Some of the publications are the by-products of the researches conducted. In 2004, SIS published Hadith and Women’s Rights in Islam and the Malay translations of four books written by progressive Islamic scholars from Indonesia, including Fiqh Wanita: Pandangan Ulama Terhadap Wacana Agama dan Gender by Kiyai Hussein Muhammad.

Resource Centre – SIS has a resource centre that houses a collection of books, leaflets, academic papers and newspaper cuttings on various issues regarding religion and the discourses around it.

To make donation, contact Sisters In Islam at : sistersinislam@pd.jaring.my or send your cheque to:

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