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Since its formation in 1988, SIS has embarked on various research activities, the outcome of which provides the content for our advocacy and public education work. The areas of research are the rights of Muslim women and diverse concerns relevant to the contemporary ummah.

Ongoing research activities are:

Impact of Polygamy on the Family Institution
In 2004, SIS kicked off its pilot survey on the Impact of Polygamy on the Family Institution in the Klang Valley. The survey looked at the financial, social and emotional impacts of polygamy on the family. SIS staff, members, academics and women activists formed the research team, which interviewed husbands and their first wives and subsequent wives as well as children. The team is preparing the questionnaire for the next stage of the project - the national survey.

Model Islamic Family Law
SIS is currently drafting a Model Islamic Family Law (IFL) for Malaysia based on the framework of equality and justice. The IFL team, made up of SIS staff, academics and activists, is collecting arguments for reform at four levels - the Islamic framework, constitutional and national laws, international human rights principles and the realities of Muslim women's lives.


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