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SIS has a small but growing resource centre. It houses a collection of publications; including monographs, articles, reports, conference papers, newspaper cuttings, pamphlets and audio-visual materials.

The resource centre was established for the following reasons:

  • To develop a centre that provides and promotes progressive Islam and women's rights within the religious framework;

  • To collect materials which are not readily available locally, specifically in relation to gender and Islam;

  • To provide alternative reading materials by progressive academics and/or writers.

    Membership and guidelines:
    a. Members are allowed to use the centre during the operations hours; Monday - Friday; 9.30 a.m to 5.00 p.m
    b. Books are not allowed to be taken out of the centre
    c. Members are liable for damaged books
    d. Validity of membership is one calendar year and renewable
    e. SIS retains the rights to revise membership fee and rules at any time

    Resource Centre fees are as follows:
    1. Students (local & from the South) - RM 10.00
    2. Students (from the North) - RM 20.00
    3. Researcher (local) - RM 30.00
    4. Researcher (international) - RM 50.00
    5. Individuals;
    i. Homemakers - RM 10.00
    ii. Professional - RM 30.00

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