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JAIS Raid Shows Injustice of Unilateral Conversions

Sisters In Islam (SIS) calls on the Government to prohibit the unilateral conversion of minors. The recent report on JAIS’ disruption of a Hindu wedding is just one incident in a string of reports that have shown how the lives of citizens are being destroyed by silent conversions.

At the root of this case is unilateral conversion - when one spouse silently converts his children to Islam without the knowledge or consent of the non-converting spouse. Zarena Abdul Majid, the ‘Muslim’ bride, is not alone. She is accompanied by the children of Shamala Sathiyaseelan, R. Subashini, Indira Gandhi and more recently S. Deepa, whose fathers all unilaterally converted them to Islam in secret.

The impact is not just felt by the converted children, but by their mothers. In one fell swoop, these women lost the rights guaranteed to them under civil law – specifically, the Guardianship of Infants Act (amended in 1999) – where non-Muslims have equal rights to the guardianship of their children and thus equal rights to decide which religion they would adopt.
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