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Deepa’s rights: enforce court orders and amend family laws

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Letter to the editor, 10 April 2014

Two days ago, we were elated by the news that S. Deepa, a client of Women’s Aid Organisation, was awarded custody of her two children, now aged 6 and 9, by the High Court. Justice was served - or so we thought. Just one day later, things took a turn for the worse.

Enforce the two court orders - reunite mother and son

Deepa has gone through a lot. She survived domestic abuse by her ex-husband. In April last year, her children were converted to Islam unilaterally by her ex-husband without her knowledge or consent. Her children were taken away from her. To claim her rights, Deepa turned to the justice system. She obtained an interim protection order (IPO) to protect herself from further abuse, and she went to the courts to obtain custody of her children. And despite the injustices she faced, she never asked that the father not be allowed to see the children. Read More>>
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