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Dress Codes: A Form of Discrimination and Abuse of Power

Sisters in Islam (SIS) expresses growing concern at the recent events regarding unwarranted dress code enforcement. After the incident at the Road and Transport Department (JPJ), we are repulsed to see the repetition of discrimination in other public buildings. SIS is extremely concerned that this growing policing of women’s attire by government officials could make the state of Malaysia even more conservative than what it already is.

The various incidents of dress code enforcements on women is a source of concern as everyday government officials are now taking matters into their own hands and arbitrarily enforcing regulations and even denying service to some women. This type of selective enforcement is completely discriminatory and unnecessary. Especially after Sungai Buloh Hospital Director, Dr Khalid Ibrahim, said the incident was unwarranted as neither the Health Ministry nor the hospital management has any policy to discriminate based on attire.
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