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Hudud law discriminatory

14 October 2011

SISTERS in Islam (SIS) is unequivocally opposed to the adoption of hudud law in Malaysia. This has been our considered position since 1993. Our stand is based on the following reasons:

That it is against the Federal Constitution.

Hudud law is unconstitutional on several grounds. First, crime falls under federal jurisdiction; thus a state has no authority to legislate on criminal matters. This is why we have in place a Penal Code that all Malaysians – irrespective of religion – are subject to. Second, it violates constitutional guarantees of equality and non-discrimination on the basis of gender; and third, it violates constitutional guarantees of fundamental liberties.
SIS believes that society has to be regulated in line with the principles of equality, justice and dignity, and not through deterrence by means of harsh and cruel punishment.
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