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Alia was about to abandon her education at school to elope
with her boyfriend. But her plans changed when her father
found out. Watch "Kahwin sebelum waktu," an original
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Statement on Article by FMT on 12/3/2017 “Marriage isn’t the worst thing for a rape victim”.

"Stop Mitigating Rape"

The Join Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) express our concern at the statement made by Syariah lawyer Faiz Fadzil in a recent article[1], suggesting that it is in the best interest for an underage girl to marry, if she has committed illicit sex and has gotten pregnant as a result, so long as both parties agree to the marriage.

This statement is damaging as it misrepresents the term ‘consent’, disregards the law on statutory rape and dismisses the reality of power imbalance that exists in cases of underage marriages.

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