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This section provides legal advice on Islamic Family Laws in Malaysia on issues of child custody, polygamy laws, divorce procedures, wife maintenance and others.
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Husband is not being fair after polygamy
Wednesday 26 January 2011
Poligami : Apa maksud Adil?
Friday 06 November 2009
Keliru Dengan Syarat Poligami
Friday 21 August 2009
Poligami Tanpa Izin Isteri
Friday 19 December 2008
Tidak adil merahsiakan poligami
Friday 21 November 2008
Berbohong Untuk Berpoligami
Friday 13 June 2008
Berpoligami perlu adil
Thursday 03 April 2008
Nyaris kahwin abang sendiri
Friday 23 November 2007
Berpoligami tanpa pengetahuan isteri
Friday 28 September 2007
Isteri mualaf diabai suami selepas poligami
Friday 09 February 2007
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