Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

List of Trainings in 2009
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UK Study Visit
Date              : 26/3-6/3/09
Participants    : 5  ( syariah practitioners )
Objective       : For the progressive shariah practitioners meet and strategise in promoting
progressive knowledge and also as an exposure to diversity of thought and

Indonesia Study Visit
Date              : 1-7/11/09
Participants     : 12 ( activist, journalist, women leaders and academician)
Objective        : Participants are exposed to diversity of thoughts and cultures overseas so that
they are able to spread the progressive and gender-just message locally

Know Your Right : Women Rights in Islamic Law
Date            : 31/5/09
Participant    : 30 pax
Speaker        : Sa’adiah Din
Facilitator     : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective     : Focused on raising awareness and engaged with grassroots Muslim women

Artists & Activists – Towards a Just Society

Date                   : 1-3/10/09
Participant           : 25
Resource Person   : Nia Dinata
Facilitator            : Angela Kuga Thas
Co-Facilitator       : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective             : To create an atmosphere where both the artist and the activist can socialize and exchange ideas and viewpoints on issues ranging from gender roles, women’s rights and sexual orientation, to religion and state.

Follow up meeting “MUSAWAH Global Meeting”
Date                   :31/3/09
Participant           :51 pax
Resource Persons  :Zainah, Nik Noraini, Nazreen, Prof. Norani & Latifah
Objective             :Follow up to Malaysian Muslim women leaders, relevant government officials
and key people that can support Musawah’s vision and objectives

Conversion & Islamic Family Law Issues in Malaysia
Date                  :21/8/09
Participant          : 9
Resource Person  : Dr.Juanda Jaya
Moderator          : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective           : To brief Dr Juanda Jaya (Mufti Perlis ) on the issue on conversion issues and
the IFL (Wilayah Persekutuan) was postponed by the Majlis Raja-Raja
List of Study sessions in 2011
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Reproductive rights, abortion and Islam: Towards a  SIS current position
Date            : 18th Jan 2011
Participart     : 13 pax
Speaker        : Rashidah Abdullah
Objective      : This study session is the first step for SIS to re-look and develop a position on
abortion in Islam. The findings from further sessions may become resources for a
public education module.

Understanding about Religion, Marriage and Domestic Violence amongst Youths in Malaysia
Date            : 31st  May 2011
Participant    : 18 pax
Speaker        : Dr. Noraida Endut
Objective      : This study session aims to explore the perception of young Malaysians on
marriage, religion and domestic violence based on a research conducted by
Universiti Sains Malaysia.

The Corridor
Date                : 8th June 2011
Participant        : 45 pax
: Zeo Neirizi
Objective          : The session gave them different perspectives from other parts of the world.

Beyond the Degree: Malaysian Women’s Participation in Islam”
Date            : 21st  July 2011
Participant    : 18 pax
Speaker        : Crystal Corman
Objective      : This study session, the speaker wanted to share her research journey and her
preliminary findings of her research on religion and religious leaders in peace-
building initiatives.

Liberating religion – How LGBT Anglicans are redefining the Church of England
Date            : 17th  November 2011
Participant    : 30 pax
Speaker        :
Shanon Shah
Objective      : Homosexuality remains a controversial topic in contemporary Islam and Christianity. In this study session, SIS associate member Shanon Shah shared his master’s study’s findings on the effectiveness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Anglican Coalition (LGBT AC)’s advocacy towards influencing the Church of England. The coalition’s current main demands include recognition for
List of Study sessions in 2010
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Spiritual Syariah & Historical Fiqh
Date                       :11/2/2010

Participant               : 19
Speaker                   : Dr. Nik Noria
Objective                 :
To understand notions on the ruh (spirit) of shari'ah as well as       
the maqasid (objectives) of shari'ah and the usul al-fiqh (roots or bases
of jurisprudence) as well as the furu' (branches of jurisprudence).

Syariah Criminal Offence Act

Date                       :30/6/2010

Participant               : 46
Speaker                   : Beng Hui

Objective                 :
Aims to trace the history of sexual regulation in Malaysia. It focuses on
the Syariah Criminal Offences Enactments/Act, particularly its provisions
that regulate sexuality in Peninsular Malaysia

Violence Against Women, Cultural and State by Reality

Date                       :14/7/2010

Participant               : 25

Speaker                   : Zarizana Abdul Aziz
Objective                 :
The space for discussion regarding violence against women is a prevalent
and persistent problem.

Children of Abraham

Date                       :9/8/2010

Participant               : 44

Speaker                   : Prof. Clive Kessler

Objective                 :
Aim of this talk is to try constructing a language outside of each
individual faith communities of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to enable a
common language to emerge.

UN international fact finding of humanitarian assistance to Gaza by Shanti Dairiam
Date                       :5/10/2010
Partipant                 : 33

Speaker                   : Shanthi Dariam

Objective                 :
Presented the findings of the UN international fact-finding mission on the
Israeli attacks on the six flotilla ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza
in 2010.

Screening and Discussion
Imam & The Pastor
Date                       :22/1/2010

Participant               : 32 pax

Facilitator                : Dr. Hamidah & Patricia Nunis

Objective                 :To create a space to have an inter religious dialogue using the video as stimilous.

Mencari Kartika

Date                       :26/5/2010

Participant               : 147

Moderator                : Ratna Osman

Speaker                   : Prof. Shad Farouqi. Prof. Norani Othman & Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective                 :This documentary explores the Muslim’s perception of justice in the
context Malaysia

List of Study sessions in 2009
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Women Scholars In Islam
Date             : 3/4/09
Participants    : 21
Speaker         : Dr. Akram
Moderator      : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective       :Talk about his book  ‘al-Muhaditthat’

Maqasid Shariah In Relation With Women Issues
Date              :28/4/09
Participants    : 21
Speakers        : Dr. Moqsith Ghazali & Kiyai Maman Imanulhaq
Moderator       : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective        :To gain a more in-depth knowledge and to exchange view on and comparative
study on women’s issue between Malaysia and Indonesia

Relationship Between Changing Demographic and Policies in Malaysian
Date             : 29/5/09
Particiapnts    : 19
Speaker         : Dr. Puzziawati
Moderator      : Norhayati Kaprawi
Objective       : To have a good understanding changing demographics affect and have impact 
on Malaysian women

Islamic Ethics, Gender & Sufism
Date            :17/7/09
Participant    : 29
Speaker        : Saadiyya Shaikh
Moderator     : Norhayati  Kaprawi
Objective      :To learn the  ideas of Islamic Ethics, Gender and Sufism

Trends in IFL Amendments
Date            :8/10/09
Participants   :15
Speaker        : Sa’adiah Din
Moderator      : Mas Elati
Objective       : To understand the IFL Malaysian system that has led to some misperceptions
that certain features of the two legal systems are mutually exclusive and
necessarily different from each other. 
The polarised world of politics - The star - Musings
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The polarised world of politics

Musings By Marina Mahathir

Wednesday July 20, 2011

Politicians of every stripe have two bad habits. Firstly, they think that those who don’t belong to any political party are incapable of having a single political thought. Secondly, when non-politicians think of a good populist idea, politicians of all stripes rush to hijack it.

George W. Bush, that giant of intellectuals, famously said after the Sept 11, 2001 attacks that “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.”

Those words unleashed a world polarised by politics with no hope for peace, which necessarily requires a coming to the table of all sides to discuss common issues.

This “Us versus Them” mentality is an affliction that has befallen not only American politicians but many others around the world, including in our own country.

It creates an illness known as hyperpartisanship, which can be defined simply as “if you’re not on my side, you must be wrong.”

It’s the only explanation I can give for the consistently delusional statements that tend to come out from our politicians’ mouths.

To their minds, nobody can be right unless they’re on the same side.

Additionally, if you don’t agree with them, then you must surely be on the “other” side.

Politicians can’t seem to fathom anything but a bipolar world.

They can’t seem to get it into their heads that firstly, there may yet be a third (or fourth, fifth) way of looking at things, and secondly, that the ones with these different perspectives could conceivably be civilians.

Politicians of every stripe have two bad habits.

Firstly, they think those who don’t belong to any political party are incapable of having a single political thought.

They forget that every five years or so, it is they who insist that we think of politics when we go and vote.

Secondly, when non-politicians think of a good populist idea, politicians of all stripes rush to hijack it.

Non-politicians, otherwise known as civil society, then have to fight them off tooth and nail.

How many times have we had politicians turning up at big events organised by non-politicians and trying and making it sound as if it’s a big endorsement of themselves?

Some politicians are certainly more delusional than others.

Since Bersih 2.0 shocked them, they have been working overtime to demonise it.

It is one thing to badmouth the rally in the days before it happened but it’s quite shocking to see the pathetic attempts to paint it as a riot when it was clearly not.

From calling the teargassing “mild” to denying that the police had fired teargas into the Tung Shin Hospital, to trying to check the motives and bank accounts of those who went for the rally, our dear leaders insult us every day.

Yet all they have to do is, instead of surrounding themselves with sycophants who will only tell them what they want to hear, read all the heartrending and heartwarming personal accounts written by the many ordinary people who went to the Bersih 2.0 rally.

These were housewives, retirees and young people, all fearful of what violence they might encounter, but who steeled themselves to go and exercise their right to voice their opinions.

These were people who had probably never done anything more confrontational than argue with a salesperson in their entire lives, who faced teargas and water cannons fired at them by a government they probably voted in.

How much courage does it take to insult your own people from an airconditioned room compared to facing the FRU?

If our leaders think teargas is something mild, they should ask the FRU to try it on them.

I was lucky that day because I chose a route where the police decided not to deploy their gas and water cannons on us.

But many of my friends and colleagues were not so lucky. I feel ashamed that I suffered no more than tiredness, compared with what they so courageously went through.

And all our hapless leaders can do is call them names.

The people who went to Bersih 2.0 are Malaysians who will forever feel united and bound to each other because of that experience. Some may have been politicians and NGOs but so many more were just people of every race, religion, age and creed.

So many have said they never felt more Malaysian than they did that day.

At a time when everyone has been lamenting how divided we are, we came together. What more could we have wished for?

Perhaps we should take another leaf from Sept 11. In the wake of the death and destruction wreaked by the US government to avenge the World Trade Centre deaths, some of the families of those who died, horrified by such violent vengeance, started an NGO called Not In Our Name.

Perhaps those many decent Malaysians, the “silent majority” our leaders like to claim as their own, can come out and say that, even if they disagree with Bersih 2.0, they will not stand by and let their fellow citizens be insulted and abused in this way.

At least, not in their name.

Islamic legal theory

Islamic legal theory

Islamic legal theory

Islamic legal theory
List of Trainings in 2008
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A number of 12 successful workshops have been conducted from Jan - Aug 2008, including a Training of Trainers with SIS members and a leadership training with grassroots Muslim women leaders.  The workshops were held primarily in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor,

A workshop comprises about 25-40 participants, and this smaller group enables the participants to have a more in-depth discussion on women's issues and to share their life experiences.

Some of the workshops were held in response to the requests made by former participants who wanted their friends to also have access to the enlightening knowledge.

Workshop with ITF (International Transport Federation) Muslim women in Kuala Lumpur on 23 August 2008
  • Trainer: Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Guest Speaker : Sa'adiah Din (practicing Shariah Lawyer)
  • Participants: 35 people

Workshop with MTUC (Malaysian Trade Union Congress) Muslim women in Kuala Lumpur on 9 August 2008
  • Trainer: Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Guest Speaker : Sa'adiah Din (practicing Shariah Lawyer)
  • Participants: 40 people

Leadership training for Muslim women leaders on 11-13 July 2008
  • Trainer: Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager), Angela Kuga Thas (gender consultant)
  • Co-trainer : Rozana Isa (SIS member)
  • Resource Persons : Dr. Nur Rufiah & Nyai Ruqayyah (Indonesian scholars), Sa’diah Din (syariah Lawyer) and Zainah Anwar ( former Executive Director of SIS)
  • Participants: 30 people

Dialogue with Muslim organisations in Malaysia on10 July 2008
Moderator : Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Guest Speakers : Dr. Nur Rufiah & Nyai Ruqayyah (Indonesian scholars)
  • Participants: 18 people

Workshop on“ Muslim Women Issues In Contemporary Society” on 7-8 July 2008
  • Facilitator : Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager) and Ms Lies Marcoes (gender consultant from Indonesia)
  • Resource Persons: Dr. Nor Rufiah & Nyai Ruqayyah (Indonesian scholars) and Zainah Anwar (SIS)
  • Participants: 30 Muslim men and women from various backgrounds (academicians, social activists, journalists, writers and university students)

Training of Trainers on Islam & Gender , with SIS members on 4-6 July 2008
  • Trainer : Lies Marcoes (trainer from Jakarta)
  • Resource Persons: Dr. Nur Rufiyah  and Nyai Ruqayyah (Indonesian scholar)
  • Participants: 25 people

Workshop with Muslim women in Terengganu on 14 June 2008
  • Trainer: Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager) & Rozana Isa (SIS member)
  • Guest Speaker : Nik Elin Zurina Nik Rashid (lawyer)
  • Participants: 40 people

Workshop with Muslim Single Mothers in Shah Alam, Selangor on 31 May 2008
  • Facilitator: Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Co-trainer :  Razlinawati Razali (SIS Senior Shariah Legal Officer)
  • Guest Speaker : Sa'adiah Din (Practicing Syariah Lawyer)
  • Participants: 40 people

Workshop with Muslim women in Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 27 April 2008
  • Facilitators: Rozana Isa (SIS member) & Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Guest Speaker: Sa'adiah Din (Practicing Syariah Lawyer)
  • Participants: 37 people

Workshop with Muslim women in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur on 13 April 2008
  • Facilitators/Trainers: Rozana Isa (SIS member) & Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Guest Speakers: Sa'adiah Din (practicing Syariah Lawyer), Razlinawati Razali and Zalina Hassan (Social Activist)
  • Participants: 39 people

Workshop with Muslim women in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur on 20 January 2008
  • Trainers: Rozana Isa (SIS member) & Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS programme manager)
  • Resource Person: Nik Noriani Nik Badli Shah
  • Guest Speakers : Saadiah Din (Syariah Lawyer)  and Zalina Hassan (Social Activist)
  • Participants: 38 people
Half Day Meeting with Women Leaders in Kelantan on "Ke Arah Pembangunan Wanita" (Towards Women's Development) on 19 January 2008
  • Facilitator: Norhayati Kaprawi (SIS Programme Manager)
  • Resource Person : Razlinawati Razali (SIS Senior Shariah Legal Officer)
  • Participants: 12 people
List of Trainings in 2007
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Large Group Training on Awareness Forum “Ketahui Hak Anda: Pengurusan Harta Dalam Perkahwinan”
6 January 2007

Speakers: YBhg Dato' Ismail bin Yahya (Mufti of Terengganu), Nia Dinata (Director of the Indonesian Film "Berbagi Suami), Prof. Norani Othman (UKM/SIS member), Shireen Muhiudeen (Financial Consultant), Nik Noriani Nik Badli Shah (SIS member), dan Razlinawati Razali (SIS Legal Officer)
List of Trainings in 2006
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1. Study Tour For Zanzibar Muslim Group To Southeast Asia
2nd – 8th December 2006
Participants: Leaders for Muslim Faith Based Organisations

2. Workshop on "Women for Women"
18th November 2006
Participants: Single mothers and women in Kuala Lumpur

3. Large Group Training Awareness on "Tanggungjawab dan Hak Wanita dalam Islam" (Women's Rights and Responsibility in Islam)
2nd November 2006
Participants: Women in Kelantan

4. Study Tour for South Asian Muslim Leaders to Southeast Asia
17th - 21st September 2006
Participants: South Asian Muslim Leaders

5. Iraqi's Study Tour
26th - 3rd July 2006
Participants: Activist and scholars in Iraq

6. Letter Writing Workshop on "Wanita untuk Wanita" (Women for Women)
24th June 2006
Participants: Single mothers

7. International Consultation on "Trends in Family Law Reform in Muslim Countries"
18th - 20th March 2006
Participants: International and local scholars, activists and policy-makers.
List of Trainings in 2005
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1. Advanced Workshop on Shariah, Gender & Human Rights; 18th December 2005
Participants: Local activists and friends of SIS

2. Advanced Training on Shariah, Gender & Human Rights; 20th August 2005
Participants: Local activists and friends of SIS

3. Artists for Justice Workshop: Pushing the Boundries; 6-7 August 2005
Participants: Local artists

4. Beginner's Guide to Gender and Shariah; 30th July 2005
Participants: Local activists and friends of SIS

5. 2nd Batch South Asians Training; 16-20 May 2005
Participants: Gender trainers and religious scholars

6. Short Course on Islamic Legal Theory; 5-7 April 2005
Participants: SIS members, religious officials and academicians

7. 1st Batch South Asians Training; 3-4 February 2005
Participants: Gender trainers and religious scholars
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