Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state


"In our country where so many are eager to promote their own arrogant brand of Islam, SIS is doing vital work in bringing back the Islam preached by the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) - the Islam that teaches thinking instead of blind submission; the Islam that guarantees equality for all regardless of colour or gender; the Islam that wins followers by example, not by force. As a Muslim, I consider it my 'ibadah' (act of worship) to support this work."
Rafidah Abdullah
Scriptwriter, actress, and TV personality 

"I work as a freelancer and, therefore, need to be careful about prioritising any unpaid voluntary work. From my past collaboration with SIS, I know that they do a good job mobilising, energising and organising women's rights activists. I also know that they are able to bring together many extraordinary scholars and activists. I joined Musawah because I knew that being part of this global movement would be an effective use of my time and that what I learn would be valuable to the women with whom I network in the Muslim Women's Network-UK."
Late Cassandra Balchin
Musawah Planning Committee member and Board member, Muslim Women's Network-UK

"The workshop has left a deep impression on me. I am beginning to understand the issues involved and can now inform and help my family members and friends who have problems."
Normah Binti Muhamad
Participant in Sri Semarak workshop 2007

"Working with Sisters in Islam has been a challenging and enriching experience. Challenging in the level of commitment required irrespective of the many obstacles. Enriching in the knowledge gained and the ideas suggested to address the obstacles we encountered."
Stephanie Bastian
Executive Director, Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre

"The polygamy research is an invaluable collaboration for me because it not only helps me build my capacity as a researcher in doing large-scale national studies but also, and more excitingly for me, it can be anticipated that the research outcome will trigger divergent discourses in our contemporary society, which may, in turn, spur much-needed reforms."
Prof Dr. Noraida Endut
Director, Women's Development Research Centre (KANITA)
Universiti Sains Malaysia, and Lead Researcher, SIS Polygamy Research project

"SIS has helped many women all over the world to be confident and to claim their rights while staying intact with their identities and religious traditions."
Roya Rahmani
National Human Rights Activist Award Winner, Afghanistan

"Sisters in Islam has approached Malaysian questions by firmly grounding itself in the country's different cultures and faiths. It is, therefore, a model of Islamic organisation and leadership that is not only exemplary and laudable but viable."
Sumit Mandal
A Historian at the University of Nottingham Malaysia

"Sisters in Islam's advocacy for justice and equality for women within an Islamic framework is a source of inspiration and hope to all who are struggling to realise and ethical and egalitarian vision of Islam."
Ziba Mir-Hosseini
An independent consultant, researcher, and writer on Middle Eastern issues,
specialising in gender, family relations, Islam, law, and development

"One of (SIS's Q&A) booklets explained that a man should never hit his wife. Prior to that, I was under the impression that a husband had some kind of right to do so ... The booklet certainly enlightened me that I was in the right and that I have a right to be treated fairly and with respect. SIS's members were very supportive throughout my years of ligitation ... It has been an amazing journey of self-growth and I would like to thank SIS for its unfailing support."
Aida Melly Binti Tan Mutalib
Senior Assistant Director, International Islamic University Malaysia Press

"AMDF has always regarded SIS as the dear 'big' sister who played a vital role in our growth and development as individual women and as an organisaiton. THe advanced training courses, conferences, and workshops on Islam that SIS organised provided the sustenance that we badly needed as we confronted our dilemmas and confusions as Muslim women advocating human rights and women's rights within the context of Islam."
Yamin Busran-Lao
Founding member,
Al-Mujadilah Development Foundation (AMDF)
Marawi City, Philippines

"SIS has provided me with a deeper understanding of Islam as a religion of compassion, justice, and fairness. It has also demonstrated that faith is one that respects diversity and difference. Because of its workshops, conferences, advocacy, and research that have been inclusive of Muslims and non-Muslims, I have been empowered, as a journalist, to ask questions about and write on Islam in ways that reflect the religion's true spirit."
Jacqueline Ann Surin
Award-winning journalist and columnist

"The essence of Islam is peace, justice, and compassion, and the work of Sisters in Islam is a truly consistent, courageous and magnificent manifestation of that essence."
Anwar Fazal
Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award,
popularly known as the 'Alternative' Nobel Prize

"Knowing that SIS exists in an extreme world today gives me hope that the image of a moderate, accepting and nourishing Islam is possible, and what more powerful than the implementation by Muslim women! I love the open arms of the members of SIS and the inclusion of people from all walks of life. It is time that Muslims around the world accept the realities of a changing world in front of our eyes."
Rangina Hamidi
Women's Rights Activist in Afghanistan

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