Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

Career Opportunities

Sisters in Islam (SIS) is a leading Malaysian women’s NGO working for justice and equality for Muslim women. Through the Telenisa Legal Clinic, SIS provides information to women who seek advice on matters relating to Muslim family laws. SIS also undertakes research and advocates for legal and policy reform on issues related to Muslim women’s rights.

SIS has widened the space for public debate and discussion on Muslim women’s rights overall as well as other issues of fundamental liberties. The work we do has far-reaching impact and has support regionally and globally.

1. Legal Officer

The role of the Legal Officer is to coordinate and provide legal advisory services, monitor women’s access to justice, provide support to the SIS Forum (Malaysia) or ‘SIS’ legal literacy programmes, conduct advocacy for law and policy reform, network and communicate effectively with the general public and target groups, with the objective to promote better understanding of issues in Islam that uphold the principles of equality, justice, freedom and dignity within a democratic state framework.

2. Communications Officer

The role of the Communications Officer is to advance and effectively communicate the SIS mission and vision by engaging the broader public as well as identified target groups on advocacy issues and raising SIS's profile, primarily through communication tools, publications, SIS media, and events.

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