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A description of the work environment.
SIS offers a friendly, consultative and supportive work environment. Staff are warm, caring and very committed to SIS work. The organisation offers competitive benefits to its staff, including a wellness programme, medical insurance, interest free loan or scholarship, attractive salary scale and 24 days of annual leave upon confirmation.

PROGRAMME MANAGER (Communications, Research and Publications)

A. Responsibilities of the Position

The CRP Programme Manager develops, manages and implements a strategic communications program that supports SIS’s mission and objectives under the supervision of the Executive Director.

1. Communications:

  • Conceptualise, plan and apply a communication (press, social media, and public engagement) strategy in relation to traditional and emergent media that will enable SIS to communicate effectively with the general public and also target groups, including policy makers, the religious authorities, the academia, Islamic and women’s groups and Friends of Sisters in Islam. · Continually evaluate SIS advocacy strategies, including the use of various campaigns to facilitate successful outcomes of SIS law and policy reform initiatives. · Promote SIS as the voice of moderation and reason in Islam. · Monitor and ensure the effectiveness of the SIS website as a resource and advocacy tool to promote the work of SIS. · Manage the SIS database, ensuring it is up-to-date, continually expanded and evaluated to ensure it sustains a capacity for strategic and efficient communications and marketing. · Assist in writing letters or memoranda to the Government, letters to the editor, press statements and to give press interviews on issues of concern. · To ensure follow-up work is done to meet the objectives of each project in the CRP Unit.

2. Media:
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of an annual media strategy, which maximises the potential of all media outlets by identifying opportunities to engage proactively to raise the profile of SIS and SIS issues in all relevant media.
  • Ensure that relationships, including new contacts, are developed with the media to promote SIS mission and objectives.
  • Maintain a media database.
  • Monitor and regulate the response to reactive media queries, including working with programme staff and SIS members who are part of the first line response to such queries.
  • Initiate, coordinate or provide support for proactive coverage of issues related to SIS mission and objectives, including press conferences, media briefings and interviews.
  • Monitor the implementation of the standard media response plan.
  • Ensure that processes are put in place to keep SIS aware of media coverage of women’s rights and Islam and related issues and that the implications of information gathered from such processes are communicated internally and externally.
  • Provide advice and direct support on publicity and media interest for key events and fundraising activities.
  • Produce news releases, statements and articles for internal and external publication.
3. Research and Publications
  • Manage the publication and distribution of SIS’s newsletter, Baraza!. · Ensure the publication of appropriate materials to communicate SIS research findings to target audiences, including policymakers, religious leaders, and the general public. · Oversee the successful completion of SIS research projects, in close collaboration with the appointed research coordinator.

4. Networking
  • Liaise with other women's groups, government agencies, religious institutions and others to promote the work and interests of SIS. · Give talks as and when required. · Represent SIS at relevant meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, training programmes, locally and internationally.

5. Organisational Development (General)
  • Report regularly to the Executive Director on the progress of work and inform the Management Team of any issues which are potentially constructive or detrimental to the organization in a timely manner; · Assist in the conduct of activities such as meetings, brainstorming exercises etc as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director; · Participate in staff meetings, and in Management Team meetings; · In collaboration with the Executive Director and appropriate staff members, contribute to the development of funding proposals, submissions and/or contracts/agreements.

6. Others
  • Ensure high quality implementation of projects; · Assist in day-to-day efficient running of the office; · Assist the Executive Director and the management team in any other tasks as instructed in pursuit of the vision, mission and objectives of Sisters in Islam; · Carry out other duties as may be reasonably required to meet the primary objectives of the position.

B. Accountability

The position is directly accountable to the Executive Director.

How to apply
Please submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three references. Applications should be submitted by email to:

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