Promoting an understanding of Islam that recognises the principles of
justice, equality, freedom, and dignity within a democratic nation state

Introduction of Hudud
SIS published our edited collection Hudud in Malaysia: The Issues at Stake in 1995. Nearly two decades later, the issue of hudud is still controversial among advocates, opponents and the Malaysian public. Our stand remains the same: should all the possibilities and the consequences not be weighed carefully, the implementation of hudud holds within it the potential for enormous injustices. Until today, we find the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS)’s justification for advocating hudud unconvincing and even worrying.

We are not alone in expressing these concerns. The European Muslim scholar Prof Dr Tariq Ramadan has also called for a moratorium on hudud punishments, on Islamic grounds. We understand that in the Malaysian context, the issue of hudud is politically charged. Nevertheless, we stress that hudud should be subjected to the same rigorous scrutiny as other laws made in the name of “Islam”. This is not to undermine the sanctity of Islam, but rather to ensure that human interpretations do not contradict or subvert principles of justice, fairness and equality as enshrined in Islam.

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